Alternative to Facebook Groups

Is a UUKI an alternative to Facebook Groups or other social media/social networks?


Last Update 2 年前

Yes! Many entrepreneurs use a UUKI to build their own online community instead of investing in community building on social media, where they’re just renting their audience from a larger platform. That’s because those platforms, like Facebook, are ad-driven. 

So the members of your Facebook Group, or the people who like your page, will only see a tiny fraction of the content you want to share with them. The algorithm controls what they see, not you, as the person who’s brought them together. And because they’re seeing social posts, ads for other groups, and ads for products, they’re easily distracted. You also don’t own your members when you build an audience on social media.

And your target members may not want to use social media to gather together. Many are choosing to spend less time there. So it’s important to find alternative spaces where people can show up authentically and engage in a vulnerable and open manner.

Your UUKI is always ad-free. You can set it up exactly the way you want to, and you have full control over what your members see. You can even choose to notify all of them every time you post something new. You can also download your member list, complete with email addresses. 

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